7-Year-Old With Cancer Gets To Beat Up His Favorite Pro Wrestler

Not going to cry. Not going to cry. Not going to…

1. This is Connor Michalek. He's 7 years old and has had cancer of the brain and spine since he was 3.

2. Earlier this year he made a video expressing his hope to meet his hero, WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan.

3. Daniel Bryan is a popular WWE wrestler who currently holds the WWE Tag Team Championship belt along with Kane. He also has a pretty simple catchphrase.

4. Connor has mastered the catchphrase.

5. Even at his young age, Connor has gone through many surgeries and multiple rounds of chemo. And this week, the youngster — who likes to go by the wrestling name "Stone Crusher" — got to meet his hero.

6. And he didn't just get to meet Bryan. He got to "beat him up."

7. Connor got to use Bryan's signature finishing move against him: "The No! Lock."


8. Daniel Bryan was incredibly touched by the experience.

Steve Haag / Getty Images

9. Watch video of their adorable meeting here:

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