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7 Mind-Blowing Ways To Think About How Much Time Manti Te'o Spent On The Phone With His Fake Girlfriend

Five hundred hours is a lot of hours.

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Manti Te'o reportedly spoke to his fake girlfriend "Lennay Kekua" on the phone for 500 hours. Let's put that in perspective.


5. If the BCS National Championship had been expanded to 500 hours and scoring continued at the same rate, Alabama would have beaten Notre Dame 21,000-7,000. Also, many players would probably have been injured or collapsed from exhaustion.

6. In 500 hours, you could listen to The Proclaimers' "I Would Walk 500 Miles" 8,295 times.

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7. Or you could actually walk 1,251 miles — from Union Square in New York to Albany, Minnesota, if you were walking at a pace of 2.502 miles per hour, you don't need to stop to sleep, and can walk through water.

In summary, Manti Te'o really spent a LOT of time talking to a fake girlfriend he'd never met.


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