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5 Reasons You Need To Sign Up For Amazon Prime Immediately

Amazon Prime, the giant retailer's premium service, has always been a decently good deal. But with a new announcement today, it just became a must buy. Seriously. Here are 5 reasons you need to sign up.

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Amazon Prime has been around for years, and has provided pretty good value, but its price tag ($79 a year) has always been just enough to scare me away. That changed today when Amazon added a pretty amazing feature to the deal, a Kindle Owners' Lending Library. And with that, a good deal just became a kick ass one.

NOTE: This is just my opinion. I think it's awesome. I wanted to share.

Kindle Owners' Lending Library

This is the real killer feature for Amazon Prime. Amazon just announced today that If you own a Kindle (the actual device, it won't work with just a Kindle app) you can choose to borrow 1 of 5,000 books once a month with no due date. The selection will be constantly changing, but to start there are books from Michael Lewis, Chelsea Handler, Anthony Bourdain, as well as the entire Hunger Games series and many more.

Free Two-Day Shipping

Two-Day shipping can be expensive. For instance, the price to have the Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs biography shipped to me at that speed would cost over $11. And that's just for a book! At Amazon Prime's price point it only takes a few orders to make the service pay for itself.

Free Release Date Delivery For Pre-Orders

You can get what you pre-order, delivered on the day it comes out with no extra shipping charge. While agree that pre-ordering should give you this automatically, it often doesn't so it's a good deal.

Unlimited Streaming Of Thousands Of Movies And TV Shows

Sure the selection isn't quite up to Netflix's number, and there's a lot of crossover with the company that almost brought us Qwikster, and it does feature a lot of the same titles, but they're constantly adding new great titles and it's still much cheaper than it's red-coated competitor.

The Price

Amazon Prime only costs $79 a year. And if you're a student it will only run you $39. To put that in perspective, the cheapest Netflix package is $8 a month (or $96 a year). Only you don't also get free kindle books (most at least $12.99 each), free release date delivery for pre-ordered products (variable fee depending on what the item is), and free shipping on pretty much everything you could want to order. This deal will pay for itself. The only question is when.