5 Awesome Artist’s Renderings Of The New San Francisco Basketball Arena

This is cool.

1. The new arena will be located on Piers 30-32 on the San Francisco waterfront. And not only will that make for awesome Golden Gate views from the outside of the arena…

(Snøhetta & AECOM) / Via nba.com

2. But because of the glass facade, you'll actually have a killer view of the bridge from INSIDE the arena.

(Snøhetta & AECOM) / Via nba.com

3. Also being on the water creates a pretty awesome boardwalk situation outside the arena.

(Snøhetta & AECOM) / Via nba.com

4. The new arena would move the Warriors from Oakland to San Francisco in 2017, and would mean giving up one of the best home court advantages in basketball, the very college-like atmosphere of Oracle Arena.

(Snøhetta & AECOM) / Via nba.com

5. But if you're going to give up something as awesome as the Oracle Arena atmosphere, at least you're doing it for the rarest of sports venues: a beautiful basketball arena that doesn't just look like a concrete circle.

(Snøhetta & AECOM) / Via nba.com

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