23 GIFs To Explain The NBA Finals

    The only GIF-based guide you'll need for basketball's biggest show.

    1. How did James Harden play?

    2. What was LeBron thinking when he finally won the title?

    3. What were Cleveland fans and Dan Gilbert thinking when the Heat won?

    4. How did the Heat feel when Mario Chalmers played well?

    5. How did Oklahoma City feel when Mario Chalmers played well?

    6. How did Mario Chalmers feel when Mario Chalmers played well?

    7. What did Kevin Durant think every time LeBron played defense on him?

    8. How did Thunder fans feel about the fouls at the end of Games 3 and 4?

    9. What would have happened to Erik Spoelstra if the Heat had lost?

    10. What happens when Chris Bosh tries to high five someone?

    No seriously...

    11. What did Charles Barkley do when he realized Eddy Curry had won an NBA Championship?

    12. How did every NBA fan in the world respond to Mike Miller shooting 7 for 8 on 3 pointers in Game 5?

    13. What did Shane Battier do to prepare for this series?

    14. What did Pat Riley think when he saw his creation finally come together?

    15. How did the Thunder react to Dwyane Wade's excellent series?

    16. How did the Spurs react to the Thunder's performance in the Finals?

    17. What was the most frustrating thing about these playoffs?


    18. How do 80% of NBA players feel when Jeff Van Gundy starts ranting about flopping?

    19. What did all viewers think as soon as every Finals halftime show started?

    20. What did David Stern do when he saw the ratings for the Finals?

    21. How does Kevin Durant feel today?

    Durant's sad walk.


    22. What would Kevin Durant say about LeBron's play in the Finals?

    23. What should you do to someone who says the NBA isn't exciting?