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21 Reasons You Should Be Following The Goofiest Baseball Player On Twitter

In a sport that's often accused of being boring, Logan Morrison is doing everything he can to entertain.

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1. He doesn't mind being mocked, so long as the taunts are accurate.

2. He loves puns.

3. He's changing our future.

4. He asks the big questions.

5. He has a naughty secret.

6. He's easily aroused.

7. He too really loves "Call Me Maybe."

8. He opens up when he's disappointed.

9. He's a poet.

10. He appreciates good spelling.

11. He's observant.

12. He let this picture happen.

13. He's bilingual.

14. Well, kind of bilingual...

15. He loves fat cats.

16. He tried to save us from Tebowing.

17. He knows the truth about baseball's wunderkind, Bryce Harper.

18. He appreciates his friends.

19. He wants to help you with your relationship.

20. He's not afraid to reveal the secret frustrations of being a celebrity.

21. He's not afraid to reveal the secret thoughts of being a guy.