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21 People Who Have Lost Their Damn Minds

Yesterday the Pittsburgh Steelers lost on Sunday Night Football to the Ravens behind the quarterback stylings of Byron Leftwich. Many Steelers fans took to Twitter to call for a solution: the disaster that is Timothy Tebow.

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David Welker / Getty Images

Timothy Richard Tebow has not gotten a ton of opportunities to shine in New York this season, but when he has, he has been more than disappointing. For those that thought Tebow-mania would be sweeping down Broadway by mid-season, each glance of the former Bronco has been an exercise in dashed hopes, one-yard runs, and passing that makes your dead grandmother look like Joe Montana.

But ever since Ben Roethlisberger went down in Pittsburgh, Steelers fans seem to be feeling their season slipping away. And after last night's loss to the Ravens, some have reached the bottom of the crazy barrel. They want Tebow Time, and they want it now.


H/T Drew Magary.


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