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19 Photos That Are Definitely Not Just Of Sexy Women At Olympic Beach Volleyball

Just look at how the photo services captioned them! They weren't just trying to take sexy photos.

Photo services like Getty, Reuters, and the AP provide captions for their photos so you can easily know what the pictures depict. But when they're taking photos of sexy women at Olympic Beach Volleyball games, their captions (though definitely accurate) don't get at the clearly intended point of the photos. That point? Butts and bodies. Here are some of the sexy codewords and phrases.

1. "Signals"




5. "Return to their positions"

6. "Touches hands with"


8. Not sure — there's not even a verb in this caption.

9. "Celebrate"


11. "Jumps"

12. "Holds hands"

13. "Gets ready to serve"


The Olympic Beach Volleyball cheerleaders received the same treatment.

15. "Performs"



18. "Attends"

And the award for most ridiculous caption goes to...

19. "A detailed view of the match ball"