The 19 Best Twitter Accounts To Follow For Super Bowl Weekend

Do it! Do it now!

1. Doug Farrar

The man behind Yahoo’s great blog Shutdown Corner is both hilarious and knowledgeable. A must-follow.

Follow him here.

2. Darren Rovell

Rovell is often the subject of ridicule for his seemingly heartless, money and advertising-driven view of the sports world, but his feed is consistently a great place to find weird facts and stats.

Follow him here.

3. Ben Volin

You may not think the NFL writer for the Palm Beach Post would be a must follow for a game in New Orleans played by teams from Baltimore and San Francisco, but his on the ground dispatches from New Orleans have been interesting and insightful.

Follow him here.

4. Arian Foster

No guarantee he’ll tweet about the game, but the NFL’s most thoughtful player might end up tweeting a vicious take down of the logical fallacies in Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Critique of Dialectical Reason.” And that’s something you’ll want to see.

Follow him here.

5. Netw3rk

Look, if you’ve followed BuzzFeedSports Twitter lists, you’ll recognize netw3rk. His tweets are usually included and for good reason. He’s just about the funniest person talking about sports on Twitter. So funny in fact that we reached out to him and now he’s a sometimes contributor to the site.

Follow him here.

6. Deion Sanders

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be the NFL’s version of Tracy Jordan? This Twitter is the closest thing you’ll find.

Follow him here.

7. Ian Rapaport

Rapaport is one of the best football reporters alive. Also this happened to him:

8. Darnell Dockett

The BuzzFeed Sports team has argued four times this week over whether or not Darnell Dockett’s account has been hacked. We’re still not sure.

Follow him here.

9. Donte Whitner

It’s always good to pick a couple players to follow leading up to the game. Donte Whitner is a great one to see what the team is doing in the moments leading up to the game.

Follow him here.

10. Anthony Dixon

Whereas his 49ers teammate Anthony Dixon is just amusingly weird.

Follow him here.

11. Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is by far the best Niner to follow to really see what’s going on in his life. His Instagrams are awesome too.

Follow him here.

12. RJ Bell

Want to know what Vegas thinks of the game? RJ Bell is the man to follow. He’s on top of the changes in all the lines. Even the weird ones.

Follow him here.

13. Rembert Brown

Grantland decided to send Rembert Brown to New Orleans along with Bill Simmons. His updates aren’t necessarily football related, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome. See above.

Follow him here.

14. Roger Goodell

He doesn’t tweet often, but you should watch it in case of breaking news of fines. The Super Bowl is in New Orleans. Goodell loves to fine people in New Orleans.

Follow him here.

15. Brendon Ayanbadejo

Beyond being an outspoken advocate of gay rights, the Ravens’ Ayanbadejo is also just outspoken. Take the above tweet from before his playoff game against the Patriots. Athletes who publicly trash other teams are rare and interesting. Ayanbadejo is both.

Follow him here.

16. Peter Schrager

The Fox Sports columnist always has an interesting take, and is often running contrary to popular opinion. Also he has a good eye for funny, small moments.

Follow him here.

17. Rick Kaepernick

This is Colin Kaepernick’s dad. He’s a cheese executive, and is completely adorable. Don’t you want to see what he has to say if the 49ers can pull this whole thing out?

Follow him here.

18. Adam Schefter

When it comes to breaking injury news (or transactional news) (or really any NFL news) Adam Schefter is a legend.

Follow him here.

19. Terrell Suggs

The Ravens linebacker is REEEALLY excited this week.

Follow him here.

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