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17 Reasons An NFL Team Should Give This Viral Video Kicker A Job

This guy is better at kicking than I am at anything.

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Today, a Norwegian kicker who made a video of trick kicks that went viral got a tryout with the New York Jets. Let's look at why they, or some other team, should give him a chance.

1. He can kick backwards!

2. He can clean up after himself!

3. He can kick 60 yard field goals!

(That's a long field goal by NFL standards.)

4. He can kick from crazy angles!

5. No, even crazier angles!

6. He can kick in harsh conditions!

7. He can do this!

8. And this!

9. He can kick into a basketball hoop from distance!

10. He can kick accurately to different heights!

11. He can kick accurately up a mountain!

12. He can kick behind his back!

13. He can finish an Alley-Oop kick!

14. He can kick accurately onto a boat!

15. Let me say that again. He can kick accurately onto a boat!

16. He can kick backwards into a trashcan while sitting!

17. He can kick one ball into the air, and then kick another ball that will hit that first ball!

Watch the video here:

View this video on YouTube

H/T Barry Petchesky at Deadspin.