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17 Moments When Jason Collins Was Super Gay

"That's gay," means something else now.

1. When he faced down Shaq like a badass.

2. This time when he stole the ball from Carlos Boozer.

3. That time he blocked Dion Waiters' shot.

4. When he got by David Robinson during the NBA Finals.

5. When he blew by the defense on his way to a dunk.

6. When he did this.

7. And this.

8. When he left the Nuggets looking like, "Whoa."

9. Definitely this playoff dunk.

10. When he threw this one down with authority.

11. And when he did this.

12. When he crushed this monster dunk in traffic.

13. This too.

14. Yep.

15. Oh, this dunk for sure.

16. When he went all in on this dunk.

17. When he left Kevin Garnett in the dust, looking up like, "Damn."

All of these awesome basketball plays? Solid blocks? Badass dunks? Yeah. They're all gay. Adjust your trash-talk, if you haven't already.