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16 Reasons You Should Never Be Afraid To Fail

These guys are all legends partly BECAUSE they were willing to fail way more than anyone else.

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1. Last night Kobe Bryant became the youngest player in history to reach 30,000 career points, but his career isn't all about success. ESPN discovered that Kobe is on pace to have missed more shots than anyone in history by 2013.

This just goes to show you, even the greatest, most successful athletes in the world fail. And many of them don't just fail. They fail at historic rates.


4. Brett Favre threw more interceptions (336), fumbled more times (166), and was sacked more often (525) than any other football player in the history of the NFL. And (despite his controversial final years) he's one of the greatest QBs ever.

6. John Elway won multiple Super Bowls, was known as one of the most clutch football players of his era, and is a Hall of Famer. But even he had issues. He was sacked 516 times in his career. That's good for second on the all-time list.


9. Reggie Jackson struck out 2,597 times in his career, the most in baseball history. But today, he's better remembered for his World Series heroics that earned him the nickname Mr. October. Also for the fact that he's in the Hall of Fame.

11. Warren Moon is not just in the Pro Football Hall of Fame...he's also in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame! But his 161 career fumbles is more than anyone but Brett Favre.


13. No one scored more points in a career than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but that doesn't mean he didn't struggle. The man couldn't stay out of foul trouble, amassing over 4,600 fouls in his career. It's a record he probably doesn't talk about.