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    15 Things That Have Happened Since Venus Williams' Last First Round Wimbledon Exit

    This morning, Venus Williams lost in the first round of the biggest Tennis tournament in the world for the first time since 1997. That's a long time. How long? Here's some perspective.

    1. All 3 Star Wars Prequels Were Released

    And The Phantom Menace was re-released.

    2. Michael Jordan Retired... Twice.

    Associated Press / AP

    3. George W. Bush Was Elected President

    Getty Images / Getty Images

    4. Pete Sampras Won 4 Wimbledon Titles

    5. "Titanic" Was Released In Theaters

    And re-released in 3D.

    6. News of Bill Clinton's Affair With Monica Lewinsky Broke

    7. LeBron James Turned 13.

    DON EMMERT / Getty Images

    8. Mark McGwire And Sammy Sosa Chased Roger Maris' Home Run Record

    Tim Parker / Reuters

    McGwire ended the season with 70 home runs, while Sosa finished with 66.

    9. Jay-Z Has Released 10 Studio Albums

    10. The Diamondbacks And Devil Rays Joined Major League Baseball

    11. Bill Simmons Started His Boston Sports Guy Column On AOL's Digital City Boston

    12. "...Baby One More Time" Was Released

    13. Y2K Was A Bust

    14. Tiger Woods Won 13 Of His 14 Majors

    Stephen Munday / Getty Images

    15. The Internet Changed A Lot