15 Things I Learned From The Twitter War On Dan Gilbert

On the night LeBron left Cleveland, the owner of the Cavaliers famously wrote a screed that culminated in a prediction that the Cavs would win a championship before LeBron James. Last night, LeBron made a liar out of his former boss and Twitter was quick to let Gilbert know it.

After LeBron James "Took His Talents To South Beach" on national TV, Dan Gilbert wrote this letter to Cavs fans.

After the game Gilbert tweeted this:

But even while the game was going on and it became clear that it would end with LeBron winning his first title, there was a lot to be learned from Dan Gilbert's Twitter mentions. For instance:

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1. I learned that there are multiple spellings of "Jeeves."

2. I learned that Mo Williams and Dan Gilbert stay in touch.

3. I learned that even long-suffering Eagles fans sided with LeBron.

4. I learned how Dan Gilbert's ass felt.

5. I learned some people were so mad that they couldn't spell "you're" or "douchebag" correctly.

6. I learned that lying comes with consequences.

7. I learned how to deal with disappointment.

8. I learned that Dan Gilbert should listen to Tool.

9. I learned that guys named DANCESTADAMUS are pretty funny.

10. I learned about cooking.

11. I learned that sports pundit Bomani Jones can be kind of a dick.

12. I learned that Tom Foolery is a perceptive dude.

13. I learned that you should be careful when you talk shit to a guy who owns a mortgage and loan company.

14. I learned that some Cleveland fans have taken denial to a whole different level.

15. And most of all, I learned that as a Cavs fan, I really hope David Stern doesn't have a sense of humor.

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