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    Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on Jul 18, 2011

    14 Pictures Of Fans Meeting Celebrities Who Look Miserable

    There's nothing quite like seeing your favorite celebrity out in the wild. Maybe you work up the nerve to ask them for a photo. They're gracious enough to agree, but as you walk away and look at your camera, you realize maybe it was a bad idea. Because they look miserable.

    • 1. Woody Allen

      Woody Allen

    • 2. Tom Hanks

      Tom Hanks

    • 3. Andy Samberg

      Andy Samberg

    • 4. Louis CK

      Louis CK

    • 5. Michael Jackson

      Michael Jackson

    • 6. Leonardo DiCaprio

      Leonardo DiCaprio

    • 7. Keanu Reeves

      Keanu Reeves

    • 8. Jerry Seinfeld

      Jerry Seinfeld

    • 9. Paul McCartney

      Paul McCartney

    • 10. Eva Longoria

      Eva Longoria

      UPDATE: Sorry guys! I had uploaded the wrong photo of Eva. Here's the one where she looks less than thrilled to be there.

    • 11. Denzel Washington

      Denzel Washington

    • 12. Chad Michael Murray

      Chad Michael Murray

    • 13. Andy Dick

      Andy Dick

    • 14. Jennifer Aniston

      Jennifer Aniston

      She doesn't look as miserable, but there is something in her eyes that says "GAH fine..."

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