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14 NFL Players Who Were Drafted To Play Pro Baseball

With the Major League Baseball's draft currently happening, it's time to remember some football stars who you may not have known were drafted to play America's pastime.

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3. Cedric Benson

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

Round: 12th

Year: 2001

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Position: Center Field

Notes: Benson was drafted out of high school and spent that summer playing with the Dodgers rookie summer league team, before deciding to play football at Texas.


5. John Elway

Round: 2nd

Year: 1981

Team: New York Yankees

Position: Right Field / Pitcher

Notes: Elway used his high draft position with the Yankees to force a trade out of Indianapolis (the franchise that had originally drafted him). Had they not traded him, Elway threatened to play pro baseball.

6. Jake Locker

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Round: 10th

Year: 2009

Team: Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

Position: Outfield

Notes: Locker has said that baseball is his fallback plan, should football not work out.

8. Antwaan Randle El

Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

Round: 14th

Year: 1997

Team: Chicago Cubs

Position: Center Field

Notes: Randle El played baseball, basketball, and football at Indiana University, where he was a star quarterback.


9. Matt Moore

Marc Serota / Getty Images

Round: 22nd

Year: 2004

Team: Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

Position: Short Stop / Third Base

Notes: Moore was drafted in 2004 despite not playing baseball since he had graduated high school in 2002.

11. Golden Tate

Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images

Round: 42nd, 50th

Year: 2007, 2010

Team: Arizona Diamondbacks, San Francisco Giants

Position: Outfield

Notes: Tate was drafted initially after high school, before going to Notre Dame to play both baseball and football. He was drafted again in 2010.

12. Javon Walker

Chris McGrath / Getty Images

Round: 8th

Year: 1997

Team: Florida Marlins

Position: OF

Notes: Walker spent three years in the Marlins farm system before going back to school where he played football.

14. Deion Sanders

Round: 30th

Year: 1988

Team: New York Yankees

Position: Outfield

Notes: Deion would go on to play professional baseball while playing professional football. At one point he played for both the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Braves and is still the only player to hit a home run and score a touchdown in the same week.