11 Things That Will Be True When Joey Votto’s Crazy New Contract Is Over

Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto just signed a $225M extension that will have him under contract until 2023. That’s a long time from now. How long? These 11 things will give you some perspective.

1. Brad Pitt Will Be 60.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

2. Ken Griffey Jr. Will Be 53.

3. Dakota Fanning Will Be Almost 30.

4. We’ll Be Celebrating The 20th Anniversary of “Return Of The King.”

5. Between Now And Then There Will Have Been Three Presidential Elections And We’ll Be Gearing Up For A Fourth.

6. Between Now And Then There Will Have Been Six Different Olympic Games.

7. Anthony Davis Will Be Entering His 12th Season In The NBA. Shane Battier Is Currently In His 12th Season.


8. The Astros Will Have Been In The American League For Ten Years.


9. A Whole Generation Of Yankee Fans Will Have No Memory Of George Steinbrenner.

10. It Will Have Been Ten Seasons Since The Nets Left New Jersey. It Has Currently Been Ten Seasons Since The Grizzlies Left Vancouver.

11. The Reds Will Regret Committing To Pay Joey Votto $20-Some Million A Year Until He’s 40.

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

[Edited to add: But as commenters have pointed out, if the they win the World Series before then, that won’t really matter…]

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