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Nov 18, 2011

10 Things That Prove God Favors Tim Tebow

I doubted, but I was wrong. God loves this guy.

1. Last Night's Game-Winning 95-yard Drive

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The Jets knew it was coming. They just couldn't stop it.

2. Tebow's 15 Point, 4th Quarter Comeback Against Miami

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In his first game as the starter, Tebow led the Broncos to one of the least likely comebacks in recent NFL history.

3. He Looks Like This

4. He's So Cool That He Makes For A Good Gimmick Wedding Proposal

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Nobody actually likes a gimmick wedding proposal. Especially one that involves a famous athlete. But this girl's not pissed at her boyfriend for his lame proposal. No. She's excited that Tim's there! God has to love this guy.

5. At One Point Or Another, Rumors Have Attached Him To Each Of These Women

And he's a self-professed virgin.

6. He Was Able To Make Kneeling A Trend

He made KNEELING cool. How is that possible?

7. His Memoir Was A Best-Seller Despite The Fact That He Was 23 When It Was Published And His Life Has Had No Major Turmoil

What could this book be about? His loving family? Being incredibly successful at everything he's ever done?

8. When His Book Signing Causes Controversy, No One Even Thinks To Blame Him

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In fact the angry fans, feel sorry for him.

9. Starring In This Bizarre Ad Didn't Hurt His Career

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And he tackles his mom in it.

10. He Wins Games Despite The Fact That He's Not A Good Quarterback

He won a game where he only completed TWO passes. How is that possible? God. That's how.