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    I Ranked Every "Game Of Thrones" Season From Worst To Best And You Cannot Change My Mind

    Warning: extremely controversial opinions ahead.

    8. Season 2

    exploding green fire over water

    Every season of Game of Thrones is amazing, just as this one is but there's got to be the weakest season and this is. Except for the battle, for me, it's the more forgettable season. Every season just has way more memorable moments, plus the transition into fantasy and new characters is too fast and they weren't introduced slow enough, for me, despite some of these themes and characters being some of the best, like Davos and the lord of light. Although this all sounds negative, I'm just trying to show the reasoning of it being last and I still love this as a season of television and the battle of blackwater is still one of the best things I've ever seen on screen.

    7. Season 5

    danearys with dragon spitting fire

    Funnily enough, the flaws of Season 2 are opposite the flaws for this season, as it's remarkably unforgettable for the most part, as a pretty infamous season, for things such as Sansa's story and Dorne's story. I don't dislike these as much as most people do but it's still a relatively slow season, with not enough happening, till the last three episodes, which were some of the best the show has seen. Hardhome, in particular, was incredible.

    6. Season 1

    all of the stark kids

    The beginning of an era. Season 1 is essentially a medieval, political drama, that subverts all expectations, in an amazing way. It has its faults, here and there, as it is finding its foot but it evolves, in just this season, to become an absolutely thrilling journey of a season.

    5. Season 7

    jaime lannister rides a horse in the desert

    Season 7 is widely criticized for little flaws and I get it but the only near major flaw for me was in Episode 6 and it was too much plot armor but the first few episodes, especially "Spoils of War" are absolutely incredible, as is the finale and it does have the flaws people claim but they aren't crucial and if you had travelling scenes, to remove the flaw of people travelling too fast, people would complain about filler.

    4. Season 3

    03x06 'The Climb'

    We're getting to pretty much perfect Game of Thrones seasons and so I think you can tell what my unpopular opinion will be, but we're talking about Season 3 right now. This is where Game of Thrones had my full attention. And of course, this is when the viewer is no longer a sweet summer child, after a certain wedding. So many episodes are standout episodes, it's wild.

    3. Season 4

    lannisters sit at a long dining table

    At this point, the seasons are perfect television in my opinion, Season 4 captivates thrills and political intrigue so well, through "The Lion and the Rose," "The Mountain and the Viper," "The Watchers At the Wall," and "The Children" to name the very strongest this season brings to the table, as the war of the five kings draws to its closing point.

    2. Season 6

    tormund looks up at jon snow who is holding a sword

    From Episode 1, "The Red Woman," to Episode 10, "The Winds of Winter," the best episode, in my opinion, up to this point, this season truly didn't use filler. The plot was always happening and it was always interesting and I was always captivated. The first 20 minutes of the finale will forever be the moment I was most glued to the screen in my entire life.

    1. Season 8

    white walker king standing in front of fire

    I know the amount of hate I already get for this opinion. Sometimes Season 6 is above this for me, in my mind I never have a definitive answer to which season is better. That being said, I've got to go with the season that held "The Long Night" AND "The Bells." These episodes are the defining features of the season, as they are the two focused conflicts. There are moments here that made me cry, made my heart race, made me jump and made me nostalgic. While I understand the criticism in a way, this season draw with Season 6 as the best two seasons of television I've seen to date.