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Rigoberto, You A Real One!

A Father's Day post.

This is Luis Rigoberto Pech.

He was quite studly in his day.

Devoted and loving husband.

Well at least the complaints are at a minimum...

He's worked hard his whole life.

He understands the power of education and has instilled it in his children.

However, he's been technologically challenged since day one.

This picture is a representation of what opening your front camera would have been in the 90's.

He makes up for it by being a snuggle partner extraordinaire!

He really is though. Especially if you put on a western film.

He's the family handyman.

If it's broken, considered it fixed!

People say he looks mean or serious.

Which is quite ironic considering he's the biggest goof around.

No but really...

Exhibit A

We all love you for being yourself!

No matter how dorky you may be.

You've made a beautiful life for us all.

And as a result, a very happy family!

Thanks Daddy!

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