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    31 Practical Things From Wayfair You’ll Probably Be Grateful You Bought Every Day

    There will be no buyer's remorse in your home after you purchase these stylish and useful home items.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A retro-style coffee table with three open areas, because this will be the star of your living room whenever guests come over.

    A coffee table with openings

    2. An ottoman for you to sit and stow. When you have more guests than expected and need some place for them to sit or you have more stuff than your current space can hold, you'll be happy to have this in your home.

    A grey ottoman with storage

    3. A set of two end tables for you to hold items that you want to keep close by your side when you're on the couch or in the bed. Flank your rest spaces with this set of functional tables that come with some shelving to spare.

    4. A storage accent cabinet that will look great in your hallway and do the work of a small closet. With two shelves inside, you can store everything from craft supplies to books and magazines.

    A storage accent cabinet

    5. A floating TV stand to match the modern aesthetic vibes of your floating flatscreen TV. Minimalist and functional, this stand hides those pesky cables and gives your floor underneath more space.

    A floating TV stand

    6. A bar cart that is perfect for outdoor and indoor functions. And after last call, when you're no longer using the cart, fold it in two for easy storage.

    A bar cart

    7. A sink cutting board to add more space and leave less mess. With handles that extend up to 24.5 inches, and a sunken basket for your chopped and sliced work, food prep will be less of a hassle.

    A sink cutting board

    8. A wooden bench that can work in a bedroom, hallway, or dining room. Sometimes, extra seating doesn't mean more chairs, but a sturdy bench such as this, which can hold everything from books to bodies.

    A wooden bench

    9. An adjustable laptop cart for when you need to move offices within your home. Anywhere you go, this ergonomic cart can come with you, and with a top that can tilt and an adjustable height, it will meet you sitting or standing.

    Adjustable laptop cart

    10. A hammock that can hang outside and inside. Make that nook cozy in a unique way with this chair hammock or keep its chill vibes on your porch. Wherever you put it, this seat will certainly be taken.

    A hammock chair

    11. A magnetic knife stand, because this will make you get rid of that bulky knife block or use it to hold any other metal items you'd like to keep organized. Made from stainless steel, this piece will look good no matter where you hang it.

    12. An over-the-door rack for bedrooms or bathrooms. Stop draping and start hanging shirts or towels on this bronze, six-hook rack.

    A rack hanging over the door

    13. A robotic vacuum that can pick up more on its own than you probably ever could. If you were skeptical about robotic vacuums, this is one of the more affordable and high-quality models that can help you decide if they're worth the hype.

    A robotic vacuum

    14. A set of blackout curtains to keep the light out when you're not ready to wake up. Available in multiple colors and sizes, these curtains will work with an array of living room sets, and when it's time for lights out, you'll be happy you have them.

    Blackout curtains

    15. A drying rack for the garments that can't just be thrown in a drier. This rack will help you handle your delicate wardrobe pieces with the care they deserve, and when you're done, it will fold up nicely to stay out of the way.

    Drying rack

    16. A bag saver so your collection of trash bags doesn't look like a pile of trash. Hang it over your cabinet door and store those trash bags out of the way.

    A bag saver

    17. A door draft stopper to keep your place cozy during the cold months. This vinyl double-sided stopper will insulate any room in your home.

    A door draft stopper

    18. A rug pad that'll keep your rugs from slipping underneath you. Tired of having to fix and adjust your rug, these pads will save you the trouble.

    A rug pad

    19. A three-light Novogratz LED floor lamp to brighten up your room or just make it glow. The lights can be turned on or off individually and each light can be adjusted to face any direction.

    Two floor lamps

    20. A Novogratz round coffee table that'll give the living room a modern feel. This table will be a conversation starter whenever guests come over.

    A round coffee table

    21. A bath caddy to elevate your bath time experience. Thanks to its adjustable length, this tray gives you plenty of room to fit all your essential self-care items and give your bath time a dash of elegance.

    A bath caddy

    22. An electric fan tower heater that'll make sure your place stays extra cozy. The only thing that will get cold when you power on this 1,500-watt heater is probably the throw blanket you won't be needing.

    An electric fan

    23. A bamboo bathroom accessory set to elevate the countertop in your restroom. With four compartments that can hold your toothbrushes, a soap container, and other items, you'll get plenty of use out of this piece.

    A bathroom accessory set

    24. A keyless deadbolt that'll free you from the everyday question of, "Where are my keys?" Make your home smarter by outfitting your entry doors with a code instead of keys, and easily add or delete users.

    Keyless deadbolt

    25. A step ladder that will be exactly what you need when it's time to reach higher. With the ability to hold up to 300 pounds and a safety lock under the top step to keep you stable, this step ladder will hold up against.

    A three-step ladder

    26. A smart plug to make the lights in your home brighten up without turning on a switch. The built-in Wi-Fi gives you full control over any device that is plugged into a wall, which means you can make your home smarter with relative ease.

    Smart plug

    27. A sink rack that'll hold sponges, brushes, and towels in one place. Keep some order in and around your sink with this helpful caddy.

    A sink rack

    28. A pegboard to declutter the cabinets in your kitchen. End the days of using your oven for extra space to store your pots and pans, and make them into hanging decor with this pegboard.

    A pegboard

    29. A projector that will give you a theater experience from home. As long as you have a blank wall, you can watch your movies, play video games, and share photos in grand style.

    Projector with carrying case and tripod

    30. A set of shelf dividers to keep your closet better organized and tidier. These dividers are a simple solution to keeping your towels or other garments from spilling into one another.

    Closet organizer

    31. A bookcase that works for the person with a small but impressive library. This geometric book case will be as impressive as the tomes that sit on it.

    Geometric bookcase

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