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    31 Pieces Of Menswear From Target That Reviewers Love

    Next season's most essential essentials.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in men's.

    1. A six-pack of Hanes crewneck T-shirts that have been the go-to brand for plain white tees for decades. The reason is because they're comfortable, affordable, and since they come in a six-pack, you can have a clean one for every day of the week.

    a model wearing the white crew neck T-shirt and jeans

    2. And a six-pack of crew socks that your feet would thank you for if they could talk. These premium, ultra cushion, moisture-wicking socks (also from Hanes) are made to provide more comfort than run-of-the-mill socks.

    3. A five-pack of boxer briefs that will keep you dry and comfortable whether you're sitting or standing. These boxer briefs move with you, so there's no ride-up issues and the ComfortSoft waistband doesn't pinch, either.

    the boxers shown in multiple colors

    4. Or a pair of underwear you may want to bust out for the weekend. Made with a touch of spandex for some extra stretch, these trunks will keep you comfortable whether it's time to work hard in the gym or play hard with your friends.

    5. A pack of 10 no-show socks for when it's time to show a little ankle. These socks are perfect for wearing with low-tops or dress shoes — discreet but comfortable.

    A 10-pack pair of black, no-show socks

    6. A five-pack of black and gray undershirts that won't show through your favorite white dress shirt. Unlike white undershirts, black and grey are less noticeable and the length on these will also keep them tucked in and moving with you. Makes a good gym shirt, too.

    7. An Oxford long-sleeve button-down shirt with a slim fit that's the perfect combination of weekend cool and weekday business. Get more than one, because no matter what else you have in your closet, you'll find yourself going back to the trusty Oxford again and again.

    8. A short-sleeve button-down shirt for all the occasions where the dress code is business casual. Available in a variety of patterns and colors, one or two of these will give your closet some pop and pair well with a pair of jeans or dress pants.

    9. A polo shirt that will ensure you are never underdressed nor overdressed. Get a couple of these and you'll find yourself never stressing about what to wear because polo shirts are always a solid plan A and plan B.

    10. A Sherpa-lined work jacket for those outside chores during the winter months. This Dickie's hooded jacket is going to keep your entire upper body warm with its Sherpa lining and hand-warming pockets.

    Black work jacket with hoodie

    11. A long-sleeve shirt for that time of year when the weather is unpredictable. This crewneck pocket tee can keep you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool. Put it on under a long-sleeve collared shirt or wear it as is. No matter what you decide, it'll be a go-to staple in your wardrobe.

    12. A shacket that is the wardrobe staple you didn't know you needed but absolutely do. Is it a shirt or is it a jacket? The answer is yes and yes — and yes, you need one because when fall hits, it will be the most versatile piece in your closet.

    13. A standard V-neck shirt that is never going to go out of style so might as well get a couple. When you need to layer up, V-neck tees make for a good undershirt. If you're the type to wear a necklace or two, the V-neck will elevate your pieces. Or you can use them as bedtime wear.

    14. A Prince graphic T-shirt that will show off your great taste in music. Say you're a fan of good music without saying you're a fan of good music by simply displaying the cover of his classic album, Purple Rain.

    A black Prince Purple Rain graphic t-shirt

    15. Or! A Captain America graphic tee that will have you feeling like a hero. There's also a good chance this shirt will make you look like you're ready to save the world.

    A blue Captain America shirt

    16. A zip-up hoodie to be your go-to for the gym *and* when it's time to get cozy. No matter when you decide to wear it, the zip-up functionality makes this easy to put on and take off at your leisure.

    A grey hoodie

    17. A Levi's denim jacket that is the kind of piece that gets better the more you wear it. Though you may need to go a size up to ensure the right fit, once you put it on, you're going to want to keep it on.

    Black Levi's denim jacket

    18. A pair of joggers from the brand that made your favorite jeans. The Denizen joggers from Levi's are as comfortable a pant as you're going to find, and with a modern fit, you'll be looking good for the next casual hang.

    19. And a pair of fleece jogger pants that look good but feel even better. Get cozy or get active with these soft joggers that move with you no matter what activity you're doing.

    Grey fleece jogger pants

    20. A pair of slim-fit chino pants that are just what you need to nail the business casual look. These are going to make you look more than presentable — they're going to make you look good for the office *and* the after-work hang. And don't be afraid to cuff them and show some ankle for extra style points.

    21. A pair of relaxed-fit Wrangler jeans tough enough to do yard work in, but comfortable enough to wear at the weekend cookout. With room for your legs to breathe and made of flex denim material, these jeans will be a favorite to pair with your T-shirts.

    A pair of blue jeans

    22. A pair of slim fit jeans that are what you break out when it's time to hit the town. Levi's 511s are a classic jean staple that will always give your outfit a touch of cool.

    23. A pair of knit pajama pants so you can finally stop wearing your sweatpants to bed. Treat yourself to a comfortable night with these knit pants that are soft to the touch.

    24. A pair of khakis that will probably turn heads. These aren't your father's khakis because they're not just for work — they're for after work, too. Their comfort and versatility will make these pants one of the most reliable in your drawer.

    A model wearing a pair of khakis

    25. A pair of basketball shorts to wear whether you're getting on the court or not. Mesh basketball shorts don't need a game to be worn — they are stylish and comfortable enough to be worn off the court, too.

    A green pair of basketball shorts

    26. A pair of slip-on sneakers that will stand out in your sneaker rotation. These basics are easy to put on and take off and go great with a pair of shorts or jeans.

    27. A cozy pair of moccasin slippers to give your feet the rest they deserve. With the soft inner lining and leather construction, these slippers will give your feet some warmth and comfort.

    A moccasin slipper with leather laces

    28. A pair of rain boots that will keep your feet dry without dragging you down. Unlike other galoshes that feel like you're wearing cement shoes, these are lightweight and the ankle height makes them modern and versatile.

    29. A graphic T-shirt to show your pop culture prowess. Wear this shirt and you're bound to meet a fellow fan of The Office because they'll be the one saying, "Nice shirt."

    A blue Dundler Mifflin t-shirt

    30. A lightweight rain jacket with a fleece lining to keep you dry and warm. This hooded jacket is going to have you actually looking forward to rainy days.

    A dark blue rain jacket

    31. A pair of swimming trunks for your next vacay or hot tub session. Even though summer's ending, you still want to be prepared for any aquatic activities, and these trunks will keep you looking good in and out of the water.

    Light blue swim shorts

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