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    25 Things That’ll Keep Your House Clean, Even If You Have A Really Active Dog

    When your dog is a mess and you want to clean up less, here are some easy tools to make it happen.

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    1. A waterproof and pee-proof blanket for the dog who lays anywhere and goes anywhere. This extra long blanket can fit over your couch or bed, so no matter where you lay, the blanket will have the messes your dog makes covered.

    Reviewer's blanket with pee sitting on it, not staining it

    2. A paw washer/cleaner to keep the muddy paws off floors and carpets. The gentle silicone bristles remove the dirt from your dog's paws and keep it all in the container.

    3. A set of paw protectors that will keep your dog's feet clean when they come back in the house. These Velcro-strapped booties have an anti-slip sole, as well.

    4. A rolling dog hair remover to pick up hair on the surfaces where your vacuum can't go. Easily dispose of the fur with this simple-to-use tool that collects as you roll anywhere your dog sits or lays.

    Reviewer's picture of the rolling tool with lots of fur inside it

    5. A sturdy, stylish, adjustable, bamboo gate when it's time for your dog to stay in one place. This gate is easy to install anywhere there are openings of 28 to 42 inches, for the times you need to put some space between you and your pup.

    Reviewer's dog resting their head on the gate

    6. A doggie toy that works day and night. This glow-in-the-dark ball will have your pup thinking nighttime is playtime and when the lights go out, the good times can still roll.

    Reviewer's picture of the ball glowing green in the dark

    7. An adjustable dog treat puzzle when it's time to eat *and* time to play. Part toy, part slow feeder, this ball will keep your dog distracted and fed.

    Reviewer's dog next to the puzzle

    8. A ultimate chew toy for the dogs who want to sink their teeth into everything. There's chew toys, and there's this indestructible football-shaped chew ball with a squeaker your pup will have to earn.

    Reviewer's dog chewing on the toy

    9. A slow-burning candle when you don't want to eliminate that wet dog smell, you want the house to smell fresh. Choose from a variety of fragrances to spread in any rooms where your dog's smell lingers.

    The candle next to a dog

    10. A black light to help you find where exactly the smells are coming from. This small LED flashlight is less than four inches long and can be carried with you to find stains in your car or wherever else your dog may wander.

    The led light being used to show a urine stain

    11. A fur-remover that will get up all the hair your dog leaves behind. Whenever your dog sits, and fur lingers, this small tool works as hard as a vacuum cleaner.

    Reviewer holding the small tool with a handful of fur

    12. A monitoring camera so you can see where your pooch is at without having to get up to look. This camera has a built-in vet chat to help you make sense of unusual behavior you may see your dog doing.

    Reviewer's picture of the monitor's footage of their dog

    13. A tug-of-war toy that doesn't require you to be the puller. This rope-and-ball gives you the break you need from your pup and keeps them in a central space by coming with a suction that attaches to surfaces such as your wall or floor.

    Reviewer's dog playing with the toy

    14. A slow-feeder mat perfect for dogs who can't stop putting their tongue on everything. Spread some peanut butter over these and your best friend should be occupied for a good amount of time.

    Reviewer's dog licking the peanut butter off the pad

    15. A snuffle mat, because this will give your dog a reason to stick their nose somewhere other than your own mats and carpet. Hiding treats inside this mat will keep your pup busy and help them develop their sense of smell.

    Reviewer's dog sniffing the textured, ruffled mat

    16. A obstacle course that will have your pup dog-show ready in no time. On days when it's raining outside, go with the indoor setup to give your dog a mental and physical workout that doesn't involve your own furniture.

    Reviewer's dog playing with the course in their living room

    17. A beef-flavored treat they won't be able to eat in a couple of bites. Bully sticks are the edible chew toy most experienced dog owners will swear by and there's a good reason for that: They last, keep a dog busy for a while, and not messy.

    Reviewer's large dog chewing on the bone

    18. A teaser wand that can lure your dog away from the places you don't want them to be. Use this simple wand to magically keep your dog's attention and get them out of the spaces where they're not allowed.

    Reviewer's small dog playing with the wand

    19. A playpen for the times when a crate isn't necessary, but your dog needs to be contained. Playtime doesn't have to end but it can be given boundaries with this easy-to-set-up fence.

    Reviewer's picture of the crate

    20. An indoor mat that gently reminds your dog not to get up on certain furniture. When you are tired of saying no, but you still love your friend and want to get them off your couch or bed, the buzz from this mat should do the trick.

    Reviewer's picture of the mat

    21. A treat-feeder to have your dog's head spinning. This feeder works like a windmill and is sure to stand out from your pup's other toys.

    Reviewer's dog playing with the feeder to eat treats

    22. A chewy treat that is tasty enough for your pup, and strong enough for you. These chew bites will help calm your dog down and comes in a variety of flavors.

    Reviewer's two dogs looking calm and sleepy

    23. A plush, squeaky toy for your squirrel-loving dog. When bad weather makes the great outdoors impossible, bring out this toy to give your little friend a taste of the wilderness and something other than your things to gnaw on.

    Reviewer's dog cuddling with the toy

    24. A dog tunnel to make inside a little more interesting for them. This foldable tunnel can be used indoors and give your dog a new route to their next spot in the house. Fill it with treats to see if they decide to make their tunnel a second home.

    Reviewer's dog sitting in the tunnel

    25. A chew toy set that will give your dog a chance to bite to its hearts content. Ropes, rubber, this set is a buffet for your dog's teeth and comes with six different toys to use, perfect for keeping your dog distracted and still.

    The chew toys

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