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10 Tips To Prepare For Parenthood

The idea of having a baby may seem great in the beginning, but as the due date gets closer fear may kick in. It is important for expecting parents to prepare before the baby is born to ensure your baby is coming home to a healthy, safe, and stable environment.

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1. It's okay to be scared / Via

At the beginning of pregnancy the babies arrival seems far away, but as time goes by, and your stomach starts to show, the reality can kick in (Berk, 2016, p. 119). It is important to start forming a bond with your child before it is born. This will allow the transition to be easier when the baby is born. In a study it was found that stronger attachments between parents and their fetus lead to a greater bond after birth (White et al. 1999).

2. Discuss your approach to parenting


As the pregnancy continues, it is important for couples to discuss what they believe to be good parenting styles. If a child's parents are not in agreement, it is hard for those parents to provide a healthy example of parenting for their child (Berk, 2016, p. 118). Before the child is born it is important to devise a plan on how to raise your child, so when the baby is born both parents are on the same page and can set a good example on how parents should work together (Berk, 2016, p. 154)

3. Make Your Marriage a Priority


Before the child is born it is important to work on the parents' relationship. Expecting couples that are unhappy in their marriage before the child is born will stay unhappy and increase family conflict (Berk, 2016, p. 119). Couples who are happy and plan for the child together tend to become closer and stronger in their relationship once the baby is born (Berk, 2016, p. 119).

4. Take Care of Yourself / Via

Staying healthy and active while pregnant will help improve maternal and child health. Regular moderate exercise such as walking or biking is related to improved child health, and reduces the risk for complications for the mother and child (Berk, 2016, p. 111). A healthy pregnancy will make the mother feel better, and will likely lead to a healthier child with less health problems.

5. Stock up on Diapers / Via

Once the baby is born it will be hard to find time for simple things like going to the grocery store, or running errands. Plan for this before the child is born so you're not stuck with a dirty diaper, and no new diapers to change into. Before the child is born think about time management (Berk, 2016, p. 154). The child will be an adjustment, so it is important to think about what the baby needs before it is born.

6. Babies are Expensive / Via

It is important to face the reality that babies are not a cheap investment. From diapers, clothes, and bottles to daycare, babies cost a lot of money. Parents need to be aware of this and start financial planning early. New parents should talk to their employer about benefits that help combine work and family roles, such as paid employment leave (Berk, 2016, p.154). It is also important to start saving early, so you are prepared for the future.

7. Talk to Someone / Via

Pregnancy and parenting can be a stressful time. Talking to someone can help ease the stress, and answer any questions about pregnancy or parenting. There are people out there who specialize in helping new parents. Seek out help from a 'child-rearing expert,' or attend a new-parenthood class, in order to settle any concerns you may have before the baby is born (Berk, 2016, p. 154).

8. Get a lot of Sleep / Via

Babies are demanding, and can be draining. When preparing for the baby to be born it is important for expecting parents to get a lot of sleep, before its too late. The new born baby will cry when they want to be fed, changed, or comforted at any hour of the day or night (Berk, 2016, p. 154). The baby does not sleep through the night for the first couple months, which means as a parent you will be waking up with the baby. Parents are up two-four hours every night with their newborn, and spend a large part of their time awake worried about what the child may want next (Berk, 2016, p. 152).

9. Friends and Family are There to Help / Via

Use the support of those around you to help in anyway they are willing. The relationship of social support leads to positive pregnancy outcomes, and stronger child development (Berk, 2016, p. 112). As new parents, you do not need to be alone in the process. Extended family and friends want to help, so it is important to let them. This will allow you as new parents to have time to relax, and allow the parents to stay calm and have an overall more positive well-being (Berk, 2016, p. 119).

10. Know That Things Will Be Different / Via

No matter how easy or difficult the pregnancy was, your life will be forever changed once the child is born. Things may not be perfect all the time, but with proper planning and communication this new step in your life can be amazing. Parents in a gratifying marriage who support each other are key to a successful transition into this new lifestyle. (Berk, 2016, 157).

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