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1. 思ってたのと違う

Five dots, in yellow, blue, green, red, and purple, in a circle on someone's ankle

2. リサーチ不足

A peace sign colored in with a faded green gradient and the word "imagine" above it on someone's forearm

3. Never Say Never

A tattoo that says, "Never Say Never" on the inside of someone's wrist

4. 20歳の記念

A faded black Superman symbol tattoo on someone's arm

5. 蝶から花へ

A tiny butterfly tattoo on someone's ankle, then covered by a large flower with a small, black butterfly silhouette tattoo next to it

6. 言ってない

A tattoo that says, "feel the rain," in black cursive on the inner side of someone's forearm

7. 今となってはデザインが嫌

A tattoo that reads, "live," as the end of the 'E' curves up into a blossoming flower on the inside of someone's wrist

8. 勇気がでなかった自分が嫌

A large black outline of a flower with its stem and leaves on someone's arm

9. 読めない!

A tattoo of a quote from Catch-22 in a plain black font on someone's stomach

10. DIYタトゥー

A smiley face tattoo with X's for eyes on someone's forearm

11. 何だこれ?

a black Honu turtle tattoo with the Hawaiian islands tattooed on someone's foot, which is then covered by a colorful galaxy, which has since faded to look like a mixture of colors

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