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1. 何も覚えていない

A very blurred barcode tattoo on the back of someone's neck

2. 義姉とお揃い

A small, solid star tattoo on someone's right foot

3. 作品に罪はない

A tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter on someone's wrist in black ink

4. 背中に8

A tattoo of the number eight with pointed ends on each side with pink roses around it

5. キャベツ?

A tattoo of a blue flower with a single leaf on someone's knee

6. パトリック

7. 安かろう、悪かろう

A tattoo that says, "In dream's We enter a World that's Entirely our own" in a black, inconsistent font

8. セルフタトゥー

Three star outline tattoos that run up the top of someone's right foot

9. 18歳まで待つべきだった

A very faded tattoo that says, "#YOLO" in faded black script on someones ankle

10. 死ぬまで好き

A faded Hatchetman tattoo on the inside of someone's wrist

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