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1. クリっとした目

This is Chip. He’s a little self-conscious about his paw wrinkles, but each roll tells a story. 12/10 would listen to them all


2. このサイズ感

1 in the morning. We found her sitting like this, beside her food bowl.


3. 無邪気な性格

4. 一緒に踊ってくれる

5. コロナ対策も

Rules are rules. Social distancing and temperature checks are mandatory for everyone.


6. バッチリ


7. カマチョで

This is Teddy. You were supposed to leave some dirty plates for him to lick. How could you forget. 12/10 very pupset with you


8. 成長してからもこんなに優しい


9. 子犬って天使だ〜😇

サムネイル画像/Getty Images

この記事は英語から翻訳・編集しました。 翻訳:アシュウェル英玲奈