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1. 見えない階段。

Steps that you can't see from CrappyDesign

2. 柔らかすぎ…!?

Yeah very flexible from CrappyDesign

3. 右側歩くと転落するよ。

If you walk on the right you fall down a staircase from CrappyDesign

4. メガネレンズの左下にあるロゴ。いつも汚れだと思っちゃう。

My glasses have an Oakley’s logo in the bottom left lens. I frequently think there is a smudge on my glasses, but nope! from CrappyDesign

5. 彼女の手袋。なぜか指の長さが全部同じ。

My girlfriend has a pair of gloves and all of the fingers are the same length. from CrappyDesign

6. 動物園で見つけたゴミ箱。アイデアはかわいいけど…ちょっとね😓

Bins found at a zoo I went to today. Cute idea but just yikes.. from CrappyDesign


7. このホテル、カーテンの模様が血痕みたい。

This hotels curtains look like there is blood on them from CrappyDesign

8. 今まで何人の人が、この消火栓にぶつかったんだろうね。

I wonder how many people have backed into this fire hydrant from CrappyDesign

9. マリオのバスボム使ったら、オシッコしたみたいになった。

My Mario themed bath bomb makes it look like I'm bathing in piss from CrappyDesign

10. 柱が浮いてる。

Columns don't touch the ground from CrappyDesign

11. トイレの壁の隙間が広すぎる。太ももまで見えちゃうよ。

The dividers in this stall are way too high up. They could see my thighs. from CrappyDesign

12. ビンに入った赤ちゃん欲しい人?

Wanna buy some babies in jars? from CrappyDesign

13. 一瞬、漏らしちゃったのかなって思った。

I thought she peed herself for a sec. from CrappyDesign

14. 学校にあった子ども向けの本に、こんな恐竜を発見。3D効果でヒドさが増す。

This dinosaur in one of the kids books at our school. The 3D effect just makes it worse. from CrappyDesign


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