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1. イケてるスケボーを飾れるようにしてくれたイケてる母

Slightly different Christmas post: My mom built new a storage solution for my longboards! from longboarding


2. インスタ映えするドレッサー

so for christmas my mom built me a vanity 🤩she wrote beautiful sayings on it and added sunflowers 🌻 wowowoww


3. こっちは本棚😍

My mom built me this so I would have a place to put books, tea, and whatever. I love her 💖


4. コスチュームも細かいところまで再現

Coworker made her 11 year old a costume for his first Comic Expo visit. He was so excited to finally have a hero that looks like him! Mom gave me permission to share. from pics


5. 思い出が詰まったクリスマスリース

My mom remembered I don't have room in my place for a Christmas tree, so she made me this wreath with built-in lights and all the ornaments from when I was a kid from aww


6. センスが良すぎる誕生日プレゼント

My mom made me a cat quilt for my birthday! The two with glasses are my cats ❤️ from cats


7. 収納スペースも自分で作れば安上がり

I am a mom of three kids. Here's the mudroom bench I built for our home. from woodworking


8. 物作りの才能溢れすぎ…!

Check out this table my mom built from scratch! I am secretly posting this so I can show her how much people would like her creations! from woodworking


9. 切実に販売して欲しい…

My lovely mom built me a chinchilla-themed makeup brush holder for my birthday! :3 from MakeupAddiction


10. 木製レールも手作り…すごい😭

The (wooden) train track my mom built for my little brother from mildlypenis


11. 猫ちゃんの「正装」も手作り!

My mom made my cat a bridal collar so the cat could still be a part of our elopement. Complete with a tiny veil! from weddingplanning


12. 結婚式の背景幕を手作りしてくれた

A white yarn wedding backdrop
u/PigeonManager / Via reddit.com

13. クオリティが高すぎる巣箱

omg my mom built and painted this birdhouse with Leo and Colby on it for my birthday 🥺🥰


14. 子供より愛犬

My mom made a mat for my dog's food and water bowls from aww


15. お店で売られているテーブルですよね?

My BFs aunt and his mom made this table for his brother. Turned out amazing. from woodworking