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Updated on 2020年8月28日. Posted on 2020年8月27日



1. 可愛いアリエルのはずが…ただのホラーに

One professional cake that is decorated to look like Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" and another homemade one that unintentionally looks like a zombie version of Ariel
u/but_wilder / Via reddit.com


2. 兄弟の中で自分だけが優秀だと、誕生日ケーキはこうなる

A cake decorated with two sad faces and one happy face gifted by a dad to his triplets for taking their driving test
u/myusernamestinks / Via reddit.com


3. 「誰もお前のことなんて好きじゃないからな」

A cake gifted from a person to their roommate's boyfriend that says "Nobody even likes you"
u/largerthanlogic / Via reddit.com


4. 「どうでもいいよ」彼女にその一言は危険

A "Dora the Explorer" cake that says "Happy Birthday Asshole"
u/shesafireball / Via reddit.com



5. 姑からのケーキ。「die(死ね)」の文字は偶然?

A mother-in-law gives her child's spouse a cake slice that says "die" on it
u/SaltyDogBiscuit / Via reddit.com


6. リアルすぎて食欲無くすわ

An cake that appears to be an unborn baby that's still inside its mom
u/ni_hao_wo_jiao_meili / Via reddit.com


7. 「低すぎる期待に応えてくれてありがとう」

A Batman cake with a Hannah Montana candle that says, "Noah, you managed to exceed our lowest expectations"
u/synoptico / Via reddit.com


8. アメリカの独立記念日よりもカナダ!!

A cake decorated in blue frosting and red and blue stars, but looks like the Canadian flag from the inside



9. 離婚=問題解決でしょ?

@tasha_sears This was my divorce party cake.....best cake I've ever ever had!!! 😂😂👏👏👏👍👍


ケーキには「Problem solved(問題解決した)」の文字👏

10. 家族にネコのウンチを食わしたい、と思っていたんだよね

I made a cake that looks EXACTLY like a cat's dirty litterbox. I served it to the family on July 4th. from funny


11. 一瞬、心臓が止まってくれたら嬉しい