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1. 国によって違うサイズの差…ナメてたわ!

My dad underestimated the clothing size difference between China and America from funny


2. 世の中には、子供用のテントもあるんです。

3 years ago I unknowingly bought a 2 person child's tent thinking it was adult sized...and i still took it to the festival from funny


3. 大人用の椅子があれば、子供用の椅子がある。そりゃそうだ

What happens when you don't notice the "kids-size" part of the ad when ordering furniture online from funny


4. これを着ろと…?

So my cousin sent me to this sketchy asian website for my halloween costume. It didn't ask my size but I figured I was running out of time and I would make it work regardless. I finally got it in the mail today. from funny



Gk Hart / Getty Images

5. インターネットに物申したい猫から一言。「ミニチュア版のキャットタワーなんて誰が買うにゃ!」

Note to self...check the dimensions of EVERYTHING before ordering on Amazon... from funny


6. ワンちゃんもご立腹です。

Woman accidentally orders tiny dog bed. Dog pretends everything is fine. from aww


7. 激おこです。

One size does not necessarily fit all from funny


8. でも、特大サイズのエサの存在を知ったこちらのワンコは、通販に感謝しているっぽい?

Be sure to always check the size when ordering treats! from funny