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1. あ、いい〜

Amazon on their A game. from Perfectfit


2. スッポリはまった。これ以上の快感はありません

The way my longboard fits into the compartment in my trunk. from Perfectfit


3. 堪らんよ、堪らん

My omelette du fromage accidentally fits my plate from Perfectfit


4. 神よ、ありがとう

God has chosen this vehicle from Perfectfit


5. スッキリするわ〜

These shoes from Perfectfit


6. これは芸術、アートだよ

This entire box of 24 cannelloni in a glass tray from Perfectfit


7. 生まれてきてよかった

All computers of the entire office fit perfectly into the random crate we use for moving stuff from Perfectfit


8. 涙が出てきた

Finally, a hotel that understands from Perfectfit


9. 認めます、これはフェチです

Loading like this takes skill, vision, and teamwork in the moving world. Mad respect to those that take pride in their work from Perfectfit