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1. お菓子食べてたら、袋の中にコンタクトを発見。噛むまで気づかなかったよ…。

I was eating a bag of sour gushers and there was an eye contact inside of the bag... Didn’t realize until I was chewing on it from Wellthatsucks

2. 夜ご飯は激辛です。

My well spiced dinner from Wellthatsucks

3. 暗闇でクッキーを2個食べて、明るいところで見てみたら…。

Eat two of these bad boys in the dark and go back to see this. from Wellthatsucks

4. ヘルシーな食生活って大変。

So much for trying to eat healthy from Wellthatsucks

5. 食事とメールチェックは一緒にしちゃダメだね。

Eating and reading emails don't go together. from Wellthatsucks

6. 帰宅して、夜ご飯の香りがしなかったとき。

When you come home and your house doesn’t smell like pot roast (r.slowcooking) from Wellthatsucks

7. 夕飯作ってたら、「バン!」って音がした。これは食べられないわ!

I was making dinner and heard a pop. NOT eating that!!! from Wellthatsucks

8. 長い1日のあとで、テイクアウトして簡単に食事を済ませたかっただけなのに…。

Just wanted an easy takeout after a long day at work... from Wellthatsucks

9. ネコのトイレを掃除して、仕事に向かう途中に中身を捨てるのに袋に入れて持っていった。お昼ご飯も持っていった。どっちを捨てて、どっちを職場に持っていったでしょう?

I cleaned the cat’s litter box and brought the bag with me to throw away in my outdoor trash can on the way to work. I also brought my lunch. Guess which one got thrown away and which one came to work with me. from Wellthatsucks

10. シリアル食べてアゴ外した。

I dislocated my jaw... while eating cereal. from Wellthatsucks

この記事は英語から翻訳・編集しました。  翻訳:髙橋李佳子