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1. 馴れ馴れしくすると…

Someone pets a wild squirrel, who then turns around angrily, ready to attack

2. パニック!!!

A cat leisurely stands on a tub while their owner takes a bath and then freaks out after taking a misstep that will land it right into the water

3. スマホポロッ😱

Someone holds their phone on a theme park ride above ground and then reacts in shock when they accidentally drop it


the look on her face gets me every time 😂😂😂 #fyp #foryou #viral

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4. ビーサンを過信するな

Someone tries to step over a puddle to get outside their car but they end up landing wrong and uncomfortably bending their toe

5. お決まりのパターン

A TikToker vlogs on vacation as someone behind them trips and falls into water


~Florida memories~ a play in 3 acts @ianpaget_ #ohno

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6. ソファーの影に…🐭

This person carefully glances behind the couch, shrieks, then uses a broom to chase the tiny mouse that runs out

7. 絶叫マシーン乗る前に食べちゃダメ🤢

A TikToker enjoys a rollercoaster then suddenly pauses, realizes they need to puke

8. 危機一髪キャッチ!

Cheerleaders almost drop a teammate midair but manage to catch them

9. あと数センチ足りなかった…

A man helps a woman off a boat but she takes a wide step and misses the dock, now about to land in water

10. 思ってたのとちょっと違う

Someone attempts to jump into their friends' arms as a dance move but ends up almost being dropped


Started out strong.... #julieandthephantoms #jatp #ohno #sunsetcurve #fyp @owenpatrickjoyner @charles_gillespie

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11. かもめ注意報⚠️

A TikToker eats a churro when a seagull lands on their head, attempting to take the food from their mouth

12. キマっていると思ったのに…

This person takes a video then zooms in to discover a giant insect


I still can’t believe that big bug was on my head 😭😭😭😭 (read bio)

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