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1. 見てください、パンです。

@LibyaLiberty This was supposed to be a nice, neat, braided circle of chocolate, caramel, and banana filled chocolate yeast bread, but the strands all burst and it ended up looking like a pan of Sasquatch feces. Tasted ok, though 😀


2. こちらもパンです……

3. 新種の虫?

@LibyaLiberty Hello. You may win most-failed banana bread, but I am champion of most-failed normal bread. I give you this:


4. 未確認生物?


5. 土器の一種?

6. ホラーでしかない。。

@LibyaLiberty Here’s #MyShame — luckily my niece is one and couldn’t tell the difference. Recurring nightmares are not confirmed, but expected.


7. 「SORRY」のメッセージに泣いた

@LibyaLiberty The cake my gf made for my quarantine birthday.


8. レンジでマグカップケーキ作ってみたって…

9. これがまさかのカップケーキ

@LibyaLiberty looks better than some cupcakes I once tried


10. 化学の実験?

@LibyaLiberty I see your failed banana bread and will raise you...failed banana quarantine muffins! Yes, they are black as tar. No, they aren't burnt. An unfortunate ingredient sub created a unique chemical reaction which added to the aesthetic appeal. 👩‍🍳


11. 科学者はおかし作り向いてないらしい

This is why I’m a scientist. In case you were wondering this cake doesn’t taste good either. Think I’ll keep supporting local bakers and find a new quarantine hobby to try. #bakingfail


12. 愛情が逆にツライ

@LibyaLiberty My daughter made a cake last night. Mmmm


13. スコーンになることを諦めた

The other day I tried baking scones 🤣 what a fail 🤦🏾‍♀️ they didn’t even bother rising


14. 抽象的って言えばセーフ

15. キッチンで見る光景じゃない。


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