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Two Olympic athletes compete in a boxing match in Tokyo.
Close up of an Olympian holding a badminton birdie.
Close-up look at athlete holding bow and arrow
Back view of a male gymnast's tattoos.
Female Olympic swimmer rests on side of pool.
A tattooed volleyball player seen practicing for a match.
Olympic weightlifter holds barbell overhead in competition.
Close-up view of the back of Italian Olympic gymnast's neck tattoos
American male swimmer exits the pool area at the Olympics
Close-up of swimmer's tattooed feet on a diving board
Olympic hockey player in action on the field in Tokyo
Female Olympic swimmer's arm shows dainty tattoos
Close-up of Simone Biles nails and wrist tattoo
Olympic boxer wears red Tokyo 2020 gloves and flexes before competition
Close-up of Argentinian athlete's back, jersey and arm tattoo
Gymnast's hands on the balance beam with red nails and Olympic rings tattoo
British swimmer Adam Peaty stands outside the pool in Tokyo
Olympic volleyball player stands close to the net during a match.
Close-up of wet back of Olympic male athlete with swim cap on head.
A female Olympian holds a gun at the Tokyo Olympics
Candid view of a male swimmer from Singapore preparing to compete.
Bright yellow Tokyo 2020 ball is held under the arm of an Olympic athlete
A gymnast's pointed foot on the balance beam with the Olympic rings tattooed on ankle
Group of male swimmers dive into Olympic pool at start of competition
Close-up of Olympic male gymnast's neck showing tattoo
The foot of a judo athlete shows tiny Olympic rings tattoo