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「ブラとショーツが常にお揃いなんて映画の中だけw」女性キャラのありえない設定 22選



1. 髪ほどいたらサラッサラ

2. 常にブラとショーツはお揃い

Brittany Snow wearing a matching lingerie set in "John Tucker Must Die"

3. 終末の世界でムダ毛処理

A zombie chasing a dolled up woman running with a smoothie

4. 寝起き完璧

5. ブラしたまましがち

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis laying next to each other after sex in "Friends With Benefits" and the sheet is pulled up over Mila's chest, but not Justin's

6. 同じ服は着ない

7. 男のために夢の仕事やめがち

8. 性行為後におしっこしない

Michael Ealy and Taraji P. Henson cuddling in "Think Like A Man Too"

9. 家で1人の時もきちんとした格好をしている

Beyonce lounging on a chaise in "The Pink Panther"

10. 女同士では男の話しかしない

The mother in "Back To The Future" saying to another woman, "He's an absolute dream"

11. 落ち込んだ時はアイスをドカ食い

Bridget Jones eating ice cream straight out of the tub

12. いつもヒール

Anne Hathaway wearing heels while walking a dog and carrying a bunch of shopping bags in "The Devil Wears Prada"

13. 髪は結ばない

Amanda Bynes playing a soccer game with her hair down in "She's the Man"

14. 戦闘後もヘアとメイク崩れなし

Brie Larson with perfect hair after a battle in "Captain Marvel"

15. 友達とのドレスアップシーン

16. 頼りになる親友

Maya Rudolph showing Kristen Wiig her engagement ring in "Bridesmaids"

17. メガネをとって髪をとかしたら美人

18. 挿入からのすぐ絶頂

Sally faking an orgasm in "When Harry Met Sally"

19. 高校生の全身完璧コーデ

The cast of "Mean Girls" looking too glamorous and put together for a day of school

20. 満たされた人生=結婚と出産

21. 生理に振り回されすぎ

Character in "Mean Girls" saying, "but I can't help it if I've got a heavy flow and wide-set vagina"

22. 変わった人は不器用な人


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