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A group of women with ribbons reading dewey sit around a photo of presidential candidate Thomas Dewey
A donkey with a sign that says smile next to a group of kids, most of whom are not smiling
Middle aged women in pantsuits with signs that say I Like Dick
Women wearing ribbons that say Kennedy and buttons that have the face of JFK
A group of white people in white shirts with signs that say We Love You Ron
A giant donkey wearing a hat and a lot of people with signs celebrating
Two women in bell bottoms and bikini tops
An older woman wearing a hat that has Eeyore on top
Buttons that say America First and Trump
An older man wtih a hat that has an elephant on top that says bush  gives the thumbs up
High heeled lace up red white and blue heels
A woman with obama buttons and a small donkey on her hat
A man on a phone amidst a sea of balloons
A woman in red white and blue