An OG "Full House" Character Is Bisexual And We're Obsessed

    Got a problem with this? How rude!

    The fourth season of Fuller House was released on Friday and it's as delightfully nostalgic as ever.

    The best moment of the season came when Stephanie Judith Tanner revealed she ONCE HAD A GIRLFRIEND!!

    This was clearly a surprise to D.J., who was super scandalized...

    Steph and Gia found her reaction hilarious.

    Seriously, Gia cannot handle it.

    Honestly, we should have seen this coming 25 years ago.

    Practicing smoking while wearing a flannel vest? Bisexual.

    Kissing a pretty boy while holding a guitar? Bisexual.

    Being the absolute queen of sass? Bisexual.

    COME ON!

    On behalf of all bisexuals, we're extremely happy to have you, Stephanie Tanner!