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「消しゴムに穴を開ける」「N極同士をくっつける」 誰でも1度はやった #小学校あるある


1. 6色ボールペンの全色を一気に出そうと試みる

A five-color pen

2. 冬の寒い日に白い息を吐いて「タバコです〜」って言う

Picture of Baby Yoda exhaling into winter air and causing smoke

3. 消しゴムに穴を開ける

Picture of a pencil eraser with many holes in it

4. 洗面器にある小さな穴に水を入れようと一生懸命になる

Picture of a hand bending water into that little hole in a sink

5. ワイングラスでぶどうジュースを飲む

Pooh Bear dressed in a tux with the text "12-year-old me drinking grape juice out of a wine glass"

6. ペットボトルのフタに飲み物を注ぐ

Picture of a water bottle pouring into a cap

7. ヘアクリップでなんとなく指を挟んでみる

8. 口にも挟んでみる

Picture of a kid with a hair clip closed around his mouth

9. スーパーで隠れんぼ

Picture of Spiderman pointing at himself on the CCTV at the grocery store

10. プールで死んだフリをしてみる

Tweet with Goofy lying in water with the text "Me when I was 10 pretending to be dead in the pool to see if anyone would care"

11. 手に糊をつけて乾いたら剥がす

Tweet with a picture of someone peeling glue with the text "IK I’m not the only one who used to put glue on my hands, wait for it to dry, and peel it off when I was bored"

12. リュックのひもを巻く

Picture of backpack straps being rolled up

13. 車の窓から手を出す

Picture of a hand outside a car window flat and riding the wind

14. 磁石のN極同士を必死にくっつけようとする

Meme with Captain America holding two things together with the text "6-year-old me trying to force two magnets to touch"

15. 人の髪の毛は、必ずこう描く

Picture of a kid with a big PVC pipe on his head

16. 指の間に鉛筆を挟んでスーパーヒーローごっこ

Meme with Wolverine that reads "10-year-old me after putting pencils between my fingers"

17. シャワーで髪を洗っているときは、2秒に1回おばけがいないかを確認

Scared D.W. from Arthur with the text "Me opening my eyes after washing my hair for .2 seconds cuz I think a demon watching me"