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1. 2人の妻

2. 消えた車

A car with its headlights on and rain pouring down

3. 恋人同士の夢

A man and woman are seen getting intimate from outside of a window

4. 別の人生

A vendor stands in front of a display of fish being sold

5. 2人の母親

A pair of hands holding a newspaper

6. オレンジのぬいぐるみ

A stuffed orange monkey doll hanging by its arms

7. 1時間

An eerie, empty road at night with a full moon in the sky

8. 正夢

A photograph of blackness

9. 手を振ったのは誰?

A person standing in the window looks down below

10. 薔薇を持った女性

A woman on a bus holds a bunch of roses

11. ゆで卵

Hands peel the shell of a boiled egg

12. ベンチの老人

A man sits calmly on a bench

13. 一度死んだ

A Sonic drive-in sign

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