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キャラが濃すぎて笑った!マンガに出てきそうニャンコたち 11選


1. 警戒心ゼロの寝姿

My cat is so domesticated he thinks hes a people.


2. 肉球、あたためますか?


3. こんなジャンプありなのwww


4. えっ?ネコが!?

enjoy this video of my cat’s 6th attempt to jump on the counter.


5. 発想転換が賢すぎるネコ


6. このネコ、やりよる…!

Please forget all the bad things in the world for 20 seconds and look at this cat wearing glasses.


7. いたずらっ子のネコがぎゃんかわなんですが…

My 8 week old kitten started doing this thing to where she will know i’m about to come in the room and she will hide by the bathroom door and jump out to scare me when i’m walking up. 🤣 just thought I’d share this cuteness 🥰


8. ラーメン・キャット!?


9. 「ママ」って言ってるぞ…!?

Teach your cat how to say mama🤣wait till the end to hear the celebration yaaaay!!😝😹😻


10. 息がぴったり…!!!

this fat thing has strutted its way right to my heart


11. どう、元気でた???

hello this is buster he lives at my work he's 37 pounds and he runs like dis