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1. ズッキュンされました

This is Pixel. She was photographed before and after being told she’s the best girl in the whole wide world. 13/10 suspicions confirmed


2. 『IT/イット』風にしたかったけど、ただ可愛いだけ

3. お母さん犬と子犬達…絶賛爆睡中!!

4. はい、待ち受け写真にします

5. ズッ友

6. お疲れのご主人様のためだったらなんでもするって

7. やりすぎじゃない?😂


8. 車を運転する天才ワンコはこちらです


9. な、泣いてないもん😭

A year ago I was in a dark place and kept praying that god would give me a sign. Exactly a year ago today I found a puppy on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. No one reported a missing dog so I took him home with me. That day I didn’t just save him, He saved me.


10. 運転中だから邪魔しないでくれる?

This is Yoshi. It’s his first time at the drive thru and the car in front has been ordering for like ten minutes. If they take all the nuggets we’re gonna have a pawblem. 12/10


11. これを美声と言う


12. 大統領、緊張しなくていいからね

13. 癒しをあげる前に自分が癒されなきゃね