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1. 最初に言っておくと、これは妊娠している犬の体内の様子だ

2. これが悪夢の本質だ。

Have you ever seen a pregnant dog x-ray? I feel like in Alien. Or like that dog has eaten all that bones. It's dist…

3. この小さな、小さなたくさんのガイコツに注目。

4. 本当に怖いな。

This is an X-ray of a female dog pregnant with puppies. If that's not the coolest thing I don't know what is

5. ここには15ほどのガイコツが入っているのだ。

6. ほんと、ヤバイって。

This is what an x-ray of a pregnant dog looks like 🐶🐾#8pups

7. 本当に本当にヤバイ。

My GF comes home from the vet w/ the best stories!! Yes, this is a #pregnant #dog xray... count em! All healthy!…

8. ガイコツ詰まりすぎでしょ。

Xray i took of a dog that had been abandoned in a house, starving & PREGNANT.She's packed w/puppies! Now in the car…

9. 怖い映画のようだ。

10. ねえ、このたくさんの頭蓋骨を見て!

a side view X-ray of a pregnant dogs belly from work today. the little circles are puppy heads 😍💀🐶

11. 凄くて、怖い。すごこわ。

Something you don't see everyday. This is an X-ray of a dog pregnant with puppies. Zoom in to see them. #biochat

12. まさに、まさに悪夢。

#xray of a pregnant bulldog! csection done and all is well! #vettech #ilovethisstuff

13. そろそろ見慣れてきたかな?

Took an X-ray of a pregnant dog today and this is what it looks like😯 so many babies😇

14. やっぱり無理無理無理無理!

Woke up & I'm still thinking about the skeleton thing & googling 'pregnant dog xray" did not help

15. 入り乱れるガイコツ!

An x-ray of a pregnant dog. Also, the source of tonight's nightmares.

16. 見ろや!

someone on facebook shared this x-ray of a pregnant momma border collie. how freakin' metal is this???

17. ひえー。

18. 顔も怖いw

X-ray of a pregnant dog reveals it will soon give birth to a killer clown