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My cat likes his belly rubbed he fetches he drinks toilet water he runs for treats he likes water he plays with shoe laces My cat is a dog


1. 郵便屋さんの到着を門で待つ

Whenever the mail man comes... I swear my cat is a dog

2. ご主人さまの帰宅を心待ちにしてからの、お腹ナデナデ

@DrtyHippiePanda Katnip when I come home. My cat is a dog. It's broken.

3. 投げたオモチャをとりにいく

4. 車に乗って風を感じる

5. 牛肉好き

to further the argument that my cat is a dog: he loves beef. he should not love beef.

7. ボール(毛糸玉)をキャッチ

At first I thought my cat is a dog... Now i think it's human...

8. 庭仕事を手伝う

9. 散歩する