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1. ATMの位置が完璧なミス

Sub-par atm placement. Way sub-par... from CrappyDesign


2. 100パー、超えてない?

A pie chart out of 178% from CrappyDesign


3. 直線でいいじゃん…

This unnecessarily zig-zag’d sidewalk from CrappyDesign


4. 110番がゼッタイ出来ない

Dial 999 for...oh from CrappyDesign


5. 階段を降りなきゃ、エレベーターにたどり着けないんですけど

This "wheelchair access" building has an elevator that stops in the middle of stairways from CrappyDesign


6. 眩しすぎて事故るわ!

This truck was so bright it hurt my eyes for about 5 minutes from CrappyDesign


7. 歯医者ごっこ用のおもちゃ。いろいろな疑問はひとまず置いておいて、口が2つあるよ?

Thats not where teeth go from CrappyDesign


8. 靴が濡れるのが嫌なので…

You either wet your shoes or do some exercise to cross this bridge from CrappyDesign


9. デジタル風のアナログ

Flashy new display screens on the drink coolers at my local chain grocery store. Now you have to open the door to see what’s actually inside... from CrappyDesign


10. もっと目立たせてくれよ

The switches on my lamp - I can't see or feel them in the dark so I need light to turn on my light from CrappyDesign


11. スロープの意味、知ってます?

Useless ramp from CrappyDesign


12. コンセントと隠れんぼする日が来るとは…

I spent 15 minutes looking for a plug in my hotel room... the only one is behind the radiator. from CrappyDesign