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世界のヤバすぎる欠陥建築 15選


1. 時計の意味とは?

Construction in my highschool is going well... from onejob


2. 惜しいんだけどね。これも失敗です。

We are now unable to open this door, to get to our class from onejob


3. 凶器。凶器やコレ。

This door handle protector from onejob


4. 人間にプライバシーを与えないトイレ。

My husband works for a painting company and they were hired to come in a paint some apartments that another construction crew were finishing. He sent me this today and said that it's one of the many fails he's had to deal with since starting. Lol from onejob


5. 早急に、プロの業者さんを呼んでください。

Saw this on FB with someone asking for a contractor. Holy shit! from Wellthatsucks


6. スッケスケの更衣室。全力で嫌。

Was worried about privacy, so I asked if they could put a door up to the men's change room. Problem solved. from mildlyinfuriating


7. 開かずの扉。ハリー・◯ッター風。

What's behind that door? from onejob


8. 頭良いんだか、悪いんだか。

We recently rented a house and it came with this modern door design. from facepalm


9. 転ぶなよ?

Found this, don't trip! from mildlyinfuriating


10. よりによって、周りの部分も木製にしたのね。

Love, you don't need to call a professional. from onejob


11. カートがなぜそこに置かれているのかは永遠の謎

Installed the railings boss. from onejob


12. ま、そういうデザインってことで。

We got our doors painted during a remodel and the painters forgot to put the plastic covering on the ground from Wellthatsucks


13. どうして?そしてなぜ?

This is why you don't hire contractors who secure cabinets to dry wall only, thousands in damage last night (X-post /r/pics). from Wellthatsucks


14. 入り口がどこか分からないバーガー屋。

To put up a building from therewasanattempt


15. 「ぁあああああああああああああ!!!」

To build a chair from therewasanattempt