A List Of Phobias You Probably Have Without Realizing It Yet

    Yep, turns out I have Thalassophobia.

    1. Thalassophobia

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    Thalassophobia is an intense fear of the sea or sea travel. It can be a reaction to either the vastness of the ocean, or to the unknown lurking under the surface.

    2. Bathophobia

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    Similar to thalassophobia, bathophobia is a fear of depths or being consumed by the deep. It usually manifests as a fear of the depths of the ocean, but deep pits and long, dark hallways can also trigger a reaction.

    3. Aerophobia

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    As the name suggests, aerophobia (sometimes called aviophobia) is a fear of flying. It's also very common, affecting an estimated 20 million Americans.

    4. Ophidiophobia

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    This one is a fear of snakes, which is also pretty common. In fact, humans and other primates may have evolved our sharp vision in part to help identify and avoid snakes.

    5. Trypophobia

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    If you're trypophobic, then you have a fear of — and usually, a visceral reaction to — small holes or bubbles. Unfortunately, there are many things in nature that feature small holes.

    6. Catagelophobia

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    This one is an intense fear of being ridiculed, especially in public. Often, this phobia goes along with other social phobias.

    7. Ephebiphobia

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    Have you ever been walking down the street and seen a pack of teenagers and thought, "I gotta get out of here"? If so, then you might have this phobia, which is a fear of teens.

    8. Glossophobia

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    This is the technical term for a fear of public speaking, which is one of the most common phobias. It can manifest in front of a large audience or a small group.

    9. Iatrophobia


    Also sometimes known as "white coat syndrome," this phobia is a fear of doctors. Symptoms can range from anxiety or dread over having to go to the doctor, to uncontrollable shaking while at the doctor's office.

    10. Nyctophobia

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    Not to be confused with noctiphobia (fear of the night), nyctophobia is fear of the dark. Many people are naturally afraid of the dark, but if it causes a lack of sleep or other problems, it may be a sign of a phobia.

    11. Trypanophobia

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    Let's be honest: Getting an injection is never really a "fun" activity. But if a fear of needles and injections keeps you from getting important medical care, you may have this phobia.

    12. Ornithophobia

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    Whether it comes from past trauma or some innate evolutionary reaction, if you're afraid of birds then you probably have some level of ornithophobia.

    13. Masklophobia

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    If you have trouble going to theme parks or sporting events because seeing a mascot or other costumed character walking around makes you want to run away, you might have masklophobia.

    14. Triskaidekaphobia

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    This fairly common phobia is an intense fear of the number 13. Thankfully, there are 14 phobias in this post. Phew!