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注意:動画に映っている行為は、大怪我をする可能性があります。 危険なので真似をしないでください。

1. ヘルメットをかぶってて良かったね…

A man flies through the air with a helmet on

2. 悪い予感しかしてません

A woman swings through the air on a piece of playground equipment


The best video I’ve ever made @madswoodlouse #fyp #foryou #viral #funny

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3. 待って…こんなことってあるの?

A woman stands on a treadmill with an exercise ball

4. 途中までは良い感じだったのに

A man appears to fall off of a classroom desk


yo igual quería hacerlo JAJAJAJA insta: itayvargass

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5. 「パソコンが〜」って顔してますが、原因を作ったのはあなたです

A student gasps while sitting at his desk


Tb to last year. @nickspiccioli if this doesn’t do good I quit tik tok #MyCostume #fypシ #fye #exprESSIEyourself #ohno

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6. 今日は、調子が悪い日だったのかな?

A member of BTS looks shocked during a concert

7. しっかり掴まる大切さを知りました

A woman falls upside-down while on a zip-line

8. 水は嫌いなんだニャーーーー

A cat looks scared as he's about to fall into a tub

9. ルームメイトに秘密がバレた瞬間

A man dressed like a French maid looks embarrassed as his friend looks on


I was gonna make a thank you vid but I think I’ll just pass away now #OhNo

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10. 危機一髪😭

A bunny looks like it's about to be sat on but it's okay

11. あんなに慎重だったのに。神様って不公平

A little girl is about to fall while roller skating

12. こんなこと、絶対に起こってはいけない

A woman sits on a chairlift with her cell phone in hand


the look on her face gets me every time 😂😂😂 #fyp #foryou #viral

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13. お風呂入らないのに、なぜいるの?

A woman sits in a bathtub as the glass door falls down


reposting this until it goes viral #fyp #viral @lyndsay_ml

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14. これは、ホラー映画級

A woman looks under her living room chair for something

15. 「アブナイ!」からのドヤ顔

A cheerleaders flies through the air after two men fail to catch her