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10 Reasons Why You Are Annoying After Traveling Abroad For Over A Year

If you've traveled abroad, we get it. Life is so much more amazing. Now please be quiet. (Myself included)

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5. When you meet people from a country you’ve been to, you just want to talk to them, and ignore your friends.


Oh you’re from Brighton? I studied at Uni Sussex! I loved the Lanes and that little cupcake shop? What’s the name of it again? Or is that tea shop still there? And the clubs! Of course the bus system is crap, but isn’t it all? Oh yea this is my friend.

4. You repeat the same 10 stories over and over


So in Russia, we stayed in this small fishing town and…

You got bed bugs and the rest of your trip sucked and you drank vodka on the train and you slept.

Oh, well then, in China…

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